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Components of pneumatic conveying system and air lock

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Pneumatic conveying is a simple and effective way of conveying powder and granule in industry. The conveying system usually consists of the following parts: (1) compressed air source, which in most cases uses air compressed by the compressor; (2) feeding equipment; (3) conveying pipeline; (4) receiving silo to store the materials transported by the system. Usually, the system is a closed loop, and the pressure inside the system can be high pressure, low pressure, or negative pressure. For materials with special properties, different conveying pneumatic forces are used, such as dry gas for materials with strong moisture absorption and inert gas for materials with potential explosion risk. Pneumatic conveying has played an irreplaceable role in medicine and food, chemical industry, metallurgy, new energy materials and other industries.

Air lock also known as closed air device, discharge valve, ash valve, etc. Air lock is an important equipment in pneumatic conveying and ventilation dust removal network. Its main function is to continuously and timely discharge the materials in the discharge or dust collector, and prevent the pressure in the device from being exposed to the normal pressure environment.

Air lock is an improved impeller open air closing device. Its structure is composed of impeller, shell, end cover, bearing, plexiglass pipe (with or without) and material stretching mechanism. The upper end is connected with a flange to the discharge port of the discharging machine. When the impeller continuously rotates, it receives the material discharged from the discharging machine and moves the material out from the bottom. The impeller is open to prevent blockage, reduce the weight of the machine and beautify the appearance.
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